Live and Wired presents … (Interview with the acts)

FACEBOOK EVENT PAGE – Tuesday 27th November 2012

  • 1. How long have you been playing your instruments/singing for?     

Will – I’ve been playing instruments, singing and performing for about 4/5 years.

Dani – I’ve always been singing and making up songs. The ‘curse’ of being born into a musical family. I’ve been playing guitar for a long time too but I’d rather not say how long as I’m always convinced I should play better by now.

Zoe Hazel – I’ve been playing guitar and piano for about 2 years. I’ve concentrated on singing in the last year.

Jess – Piano – 6 years, Voice – 5 years.

Jules – I have been playing guitar for three years but only started singing properly two years ago.

  • 2. How would you describe your sound? And what are your influences?

Will – My sound is very much inspired by artists such as Damien Rice, The Tallest Man on Earth and Laura Marling. My sound is very relaxed and easy to listen to. All my songs come from life experiences that have changed me.

Dani – I don’t think I sound like anyone… But then I can’t listen to myself objectively. But a Norah Jones, Dave Matthews and a bit of Simon and Garfunkel would be my favourite songwriting styles to model an acoustic track from.

Zoe Hazel – My sound is dark, quirky, melancholic and soulful. KT Tunstall, Joshua Radin, Benjamin Francis…

Jess – Umm, sound-wise just piano & voice oriented experimental type stuff? – I’m never too sure really. Influences… loads. King Crimson, Sabbath, Herbie Hancock, EST, Rush.

Jules – I’d say my musical influences are very diverse ranging from artists such as Ben Howard and Jamie T to bands such as Kings of Leon and The Maccabees.

  • 3. Have you done many gigs in Brighton before? If so, how have you found the experience?

Will – I’ve played several open mics in Brighton, I’ve played gig at the Stoneham Pub in Hove. The experience of performing in Brighton is completely different to anywhere else I have played, being from London; audiences can sometimes be very unforgiving and not pay you much attention as a performer. It seems in Brighton audiences are willing to listen and try to get into your sound and your ideas.

Dani – I’m six weeks new to Brighton and the couple of gigs I’ve done have each been received by a lovely warm and enthusiastic crowd of Brightonians.

Zoe Hazel – Yes, I’ve done quite a few acoustic sets. I love playing in Brighton, there is normally a good vibe and people tend to be interested, it’s very music orientated so it’s lovely to be a part of it!

Jess – Never before…

Jules – This is my first gig in Brighton since moving from Devon.

  • 4. Name one thing that you couldn’t live without? – This doesn’t have to be music related

Will – I have two; I couldn’t live without my friends or my guitar.

Dani – I could not live without people. I think every person is such a wonderfully complex product of their experiences. If I know them well enough, I can never stop being fascinated by someone.

Zoe Hazel – My notebook and pen! For writing and doodling 😉

Jess – A Piano!

  • 5. What is the best gig that you’ve ever been to? And Why?

Will – Damien Rice at the Hop Farm Festival this summer. It was the best gig because there must have been several thousand people watching him, and everyone around me was silent just listening. It was a good moment.

Dani – Gangs of Ballet. South African rock band from my home town in Durban! Best band ever. I’ve known each of them from other bands but now they are all together and the combination of such talent blows my mind!

Zoe Hazel – A Catalan group in Spain where I grew up… called Xtarango! Energetic and totally committed to their band and music.

Jess – Either Sun Ra’s Arkestra or Sleep… because both gigs blew my mind.

Jules – My favourite gig was Ben Howard at a festival in Wales called Beach Break. I found it amazing how one man and his guitar could captivate a single audience so strongly.


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